Human Dynamics

In Construction Risk Management The Key to Success or Failure

Book Subject: The Importance of Human Dynamics in Construction Risk Management

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Charles O’Neil


with Specialist Articles
by 12 Leading Industry Experts

Construction, in all its forms from civil engineering to general building, is one of the world’s biggest industries; a major employer, the generator of vast revenues and an economic barometer.

A common factor in construction risk management is human dynamics and this book explores how and why people are the crucial element in every project, not a lack of effective risk management systems, of which there are plenty, with most companies either using a proprietary system or having developed their own in-house versions.

Personal behaviors and inputs will either create success or be the cause of failure every time a project is structured, designed and built.

The book contains more than 50 project case studies, ‘human’ management situations and online links to public information on projects around the world that have run into trouble.

This book is primarily about how people react in certain situations under pressure or for other extraneous reasons.

It looks at all levels of personnel from Board members to site managers and delves into a range of human behaviours and why they so often interfere with risk management systems to the detriment of a project.

The book then goes on to provide analyses, answers and recommendations to try and overcome the problem.

The book also examines successful projects and shows why they are the direct result of excellence in the different aspects of personal inputs and behaviors, particularly in the areas of communications and relationship management at all levels.

Charles O’Neil and the 12 contributing authors have called on their wealth of experience on a wide range of projects all around the world to analyse the positive and negative human dynamics of construction risk management and from this they provide recommendations and solutions to prevent disasters and create success.


An Extract from the Foreword by Dr Peter Hansford

Chief Construction Advisor to the UK Government 2012-2015

Dr Peter Hansford

“Charles O’Neil has assembled an experienced and talented collection of contributors for this bookThey set out a valuable commentary to the key aspects of construction risk management …….that effective management of construction risks is crucially dependent on people …… their “human dynamics”

Review by Claire Bursnoll CEng MICE, Former Senior Lecturer in Construction Management, Kingston University, London

“Presented in an easy to read way, using real projects to keep the attention of the reader, I would recommend this book to any manager or graduate seeking chartership in the construction field.”

Book review by Matthew Bell, Senior Lecturer, Melbourne University School of Construction Law

“This book gives construction industry professionals, including lawyers, interesting and valuable insights into how important human factors are in the success of construction projects.”

Book review by Professor Rudi Klein, President of the NEC Users’ Group

“Human Dynamics in Construction Risk Management should be essential reading for all NEC users”

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Charles O’Neil has been appointed as a Panel Member to ResoLex RADAR, in acknowledgement of his work in the field of risk management.

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